Living in a small space can be hard as an adult, but add children into the mix and it can get even more difficult. The fact is that children need their own place to play and many apartments are not roomy enough to provide them with their own playroom. However, the following are some tips to help you make your apartment a more kid-friendly and fun home.

Create Work Spaces for Each Child

While your children may not be able to have a playroom, they should be able to have their own workspace. Place a small child-sized table in the corner or provide them with a larger desk to give them one space where they can do puzzles or color. This will allow them many hours of fun and give them a place to call their own.

Clean Out Toys Regularly

Most children have rooms filled with toys that they no longer play with or no longer work. Regularly cleaning out their toys will free up space and keep your apartment a little less cluttered. Children thrive with the organization and you will find that parting with toys is not difficult when it is done more often.

Make It Colorful

Children love to be surrounded by color and you don’t have to worry about painting the walls some obnoxious color to bring it into their room. You can quickly brighten things up with a colorful comforter for their bed and throw pillows. Place colorful art on the walls. Make their space a place that they enjoy.

Bring In a Little Nature

Many kids who live in apartments often lack the chance to get outside and enjoy nature. You can easily bring in a little bit of nature by having plants in your home. If you have patio space, you may even be able to grow a few vegetable plants and teach them about gardening. A tomato plant does not need a lot of room and can be a joy for any small child.

Apartment living with children does not have to be difficult. You can easily create a kid friendly environment and make your apartment a safe and fun home in which to raise your child. All you need is a little imagination to make things more conducive to your child’s happiness.