Moving to a new home, especially if it’s in a new city, creates stress. This stress can be troubling for children who do not fully understand what’s going on. Though adults can justify changes in environment and routine, little ones need extra time to process. When moving with children, it is important to be aware of their needs. Helping them realize their part in the move early on will help immensely in the long run. Here are some important tips to help you make moving easier on the kiddos.

Share Your Excitement

As you prepare for the move, there will be certain aspects that you find exciting. Share these with your kids. For example, if your new home will have a yard, consider planning to get a new pet to make the transition easier.
Maintain a good attitude about the transition, and your kids will follow suit. Keep them involved in the planning. Remember that they are a part of the team and that their input is valuable.

Address Their Fears

Oftentimes, young children will have a number of questions during their first move. Be sensitive in answering their concerns. Don’t sugarcoat the hard things, but help them focus on the positives.

Make sure you address the following issues:

  • Friends, new and old
  • Plans for school
  • What the new home will be like
  • Things you are nervous about

The most important tip is, to be honest with your children. Share in their fears and encourage them whenever possible. When they know that you care about how they feel, they will react more positively to the situation.

Make Memories

Each place will bring new experiences. Make sure you help your kids treasure those memories. Take some time to sit down together and compile a treasure chest or scrapbook with fun memories of your old home.

Photos, leaves from the backyard, and other small objects are fun things to collect. This easy afternoon project is a fun way to commemorate the old home, and it also creates space to talk about the upcoming changes.

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