A landlord’s worst nightmare is a tenant that he or she has to evict; it’s a costly and drawn out process with limited upside. Troublesome tenants are a headache best avoided, and the easiest way to do that is to key in on the most important steps of the process for screening potential tenants.

Once you have a well thought-out process set up, you’ll be able to streamline it and save time without compromising the quality of the tenants that you accept into your rental property.

1. Put everything in writing

As a landlord, you want to avoid even the appearance of discrimination and one of the best ways to do that is to be incredibly consistent.

Find the questions that need answers to determine if the applicant is someone that you want to rent to and put them in writing. Make sure you pose those questions to each and every applicant that comes your way.

Check your local and federal laws to make sure that none of the information you are gathering will contradict the Fair Housing Act or any other tenant protection legislation that may exist in your city or state.

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